How do I change frame rate ?

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  • I mean for the entire application, is it possible ?

    As I reload my project it seems that all my animations have speed up while they still have the same speed in their propreties.

    What else could have cause that ?

  • Is it like. First time run layout it`s look fine, but the second time without changing anything it suddenly become to fast . Is it ?

  • Yeah exactly ! but the first and the second time were not on the same session, betwen them I saved project and maybe reload the comp etc.

    Any clues ?

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  • I dunno man.. Sometime its happen to me too.. But then it vanish(the problem).. Dunno how al my animation become like at normal state

    Have you try change the animation speed ?

    If you have how many time you did ?

  • You mean it goes back to original speed ?

    I didn't change it yet, there are many differents sprites (I have the free version, maybe it's possible to change animation speed with the family system ?) and I wanted to be sure that I won't have to REchange the speed again after if the problem was elsewhere.

    Very strange, and I didn't even know if it was just me before you say that you had the same.

  • hey if you want to do this the hard way..

    Keyboard on __ press > sprite : set frame - ..

    system wait : 0.8

    sprite : set frame - ..

    system wait : 0.8

    sprite : set frame - ..

    system wait : 0.8

    And looping it.. the hardest and bullshit way i can think.. Might be working XD

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