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  • I've implemented a mechanic where the player can change the firing mode of the machine gun from semi-automatic to automatic. If you press Z, it changes to automatic, and if you press X, it changes back to semi-automatic. I can't figure out how to get that same function with just the Z key (press once for auto, press again for semi).

    Simply run into the gun to pick it up, the .capx is commented.


  • Its very simple, but first I see that it changes the variable FireMode, but no where in your event sheet can I see the firemode variable doing any thing, how is it changing between auto and semi?

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  • Nevermind I found it, I will now organize your event sheet and add what you wanted.

  • Sorry I was unable to create the effect you wish

    But I felt bad saying that without a result

    So I had some things to your game

    1) It now costs 150 to spawn in a block

    2) You can rotate the block by Pressing R well placing it

    3) There is no cash variable

    4) When killing a zombie it will say +1 in orange to represent adding to the score.

    Sorry that I wasn't able to fix your main problem!

    New Version:

    If you want any other minor changes, just let me know! (I have to get offline now but send me a message)

  • There is now a cash variable* not no variable

  • The +1 effect is created by bullet, rotating the bullets angle to 0 so zombie doesnt effect it, then setting angle of motion to -90 without setting angle. Speed 10, after 2 seconds of being alive it dissapears.

  • dilk

    Wow thank you so much, I was trying to figure out how to rotate the blocks! The floating numbers from the zombies are really awesome as well! The mechanic I have will work fine, thanks for trying. If I figure it out I'll be sure to tell you.

  • Fixed!

    Instead of SETTING the value FireMode to 1 on Z being pressed I changed it to ADD 1. And added a new event that once Firemod is grater than 1, sets it to 0. So now you can change firing modes with the same key.

  • awmace5

    Any chance we could work together on this project? I have some great ideas for a wave system & More!

  • You can also toggle by using this:

    Set firemode -> 1-Firemode

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