How do I change the File Chooser button texts?

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  • With the plugin button you can configure the text but with the file chooser not, so appears this:

    I guess to change that have to be using the CSS style action but how to know which atributes are or how? Any doc? I read the Button/Text manual and appears this:

    [quote:34shgf6a]Make the text red: Set "color" to "red"

    Make the background yellow: Set "background-color" to "yellow"

    Make the border a thick light grey: Set "border" to "3px solid #AAAAAA"

    Make the font bigger: Set "font-size" to "2em"

    Make a dashed red border: Set "border" to "2px dashed red"

    But that plugins have the change text on their properties but no file chooser. So how i do that?

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  • I saw there is a "ID (Optional)" property in the left pad of the plugin for CSS style but i can figure how call from CSS style and change the text in the button or whatever.

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