How do I change the fade times for my sprites

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  • What i am doing is having a sprite when created fade in and out in one of the circles.. Everything works great I just need to make the fade in and fade out a random number of seconds when they are created... How do I do this ???

  • I dont want to fade in and out at the same speed every time the sprite is created I want to change it up to make the game harder....

  • If I am not mistaken you need to to this for every object

    system > for each objCircle and then whatever fade time you want random e.g. (0,5)

    or if the circles are not already on the screen, but individually created in an event

    just put another action underneath the create object - like set fade in time to random (0,5) and another action to Fade start fade (here the Fade active on start has to be disabled)

  • My Circles never change. Just the sprites when they are created inside the circles. The sprites have Fade Behavior but there is no way that i can find to change the fade time when they are created ?

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  • only thing I can do is start or stop the fade I cant change the speed

  • try a new project

    create one sprite with fade behaviour > name it objSprite

    set the fade properties to active on start < no

    fade out time > 8

    now in the event sheet

    system > on start of layout | objSprite > destroy

    system > every 2 seconds | system > create obj sprite [layer = 0, x= random (WindowWidth), Y= random (WindowHeight)] //the order of the actions is important

    add action > objSprite > set fade in time = random (0,5)

    add action > objSprite > Fade: start fade

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