How do I change event sheet associated with layout?

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  • Is this possible? Just wanted to make sure of something before I make any drastic changes.

    Right now I've got numerous event sheets that I can mix and match as needed. Let's call them Main Events, Events1, Events2. Main Events contains the fundamental gameplay that will be shared throughout the entire game, i.e. it will be included in almost every layout. Problem is, Main Events started out as the default event sheet that you get when creating a new project, so it's tied to the layout it came with. Currently, Main Events includes Events1 and Events2, but it won't necessarily need them in other layouts.

    a) Am I correct in assuming that, as it stands, if I include Main Events in another event sheet, it will also automatically include Events1 and Events2? Since they are included in Main Events as of right now?

    b) If so, is there a way to divorce Main Events from its original layout, so that I can plug it into a layout independently? Or should I just create a blank event sheet and copypasta all of Main Events into it?

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  • a) yes, I believe so.

    b) When you click any layout on the Project panel, you can change its event sheet in layout properties on the left panel.

  • a) Yes.

    b) Each layout has a primary event sheet that is set in layout properties. Click once on the layout and you can change the main event sheet. You can create many individual event sheets on their own without associated layouts and include them in other event sheets. Have one unique event sheet for each layout if required, or share one if you want. You can then put the other common event sheets inside Groups by dragging them there like other events after including them. Then enable or disable the Groups as required if you want to change the event sheets at runtime. Duplicate inclusions are ignored, so it doesn't matter if you include one more than once (although you've possibly lost control of the order of events). It's quite robust...!

  • Oh yeah, now I remember

    Thanks guys.

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