How do I change the coords of image point number 0

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  • Hello, please, do not find an action that allows me to change the point number 0 control.

    I am seeking to achieve this:

    keyboard - right arrow is down - sprite... -> change coords of image point number 0 <-

    This action is impossible? I can't not find this action.


  • Could you explain what you mean by control point number 0?

    I've never heard of it..

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  • Sorry, I mean image point number 0, usually, the central point of a sprite.

  • The imagepoints (origin and all others) are set inside the editor, I don't think there is a way to change their positon through events..

    You can ofcourse reference the imagepoints and base your events on them..

    What are you trying to achieve and why would that involve changing the position of the origin..

  • You can't move an imagepoint via Events but you can have multiple imagepoints. Maybe that would be a way around what you are trying to do.

  • I have an animation frames 8, pressing one direction in the graph cursors to increase / decrease the angle but it should not do so on its center, but about another point of the sprite.

    That is, I want the animation rotate on another point other than its center, for that, I need to change the center of the image, that is, the image point 0.

    When the rotation is finished, the image point number 0 must return to the center of the sprite.

    Another way of putting it would be to ask:

    How to make an image rotate on another point other than the center position without changing position its image point number 0?

  • Found this topic using the search, might be of help:

  • Thanks for the information proves it when I can.

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