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  • I was wondering if there is a way to change colors to a sprite, for exemple deactivating one of the 3 rgb channels, or inverting the colors of the sprite.

    I found that in CC there was something like that, so maybe there is even in C2 but I didn't find it

  • Not yet (:

    In cc there was filter. It was a color put on top of your sprite (probably with multiply mode but I'm not sure)

    But in c2 you can't do that yet, pixel manipulation is a pixelShader thingy that works with the graphic card. So it would be a webGL thing... and it's not yet implemented in c2 (dunno if it is in webGL yet)

  • I was just about to post the same thing...

    Right now I use the additive effect, which creates a transparent effect on the sprite (if you have a background image) but coloring would be much better.

  • Yann

    Somehow I feared something like that u,�

    I hope it will be implemented sooner or later, in the meanwhile I'll try something similar with the sprite effects :)

    Thanks for the info Yann!


    Yep, just like you I started to use the sprite effect in order to replace that function, but it would be better with rgb

  • I know that Scirra is planning on implementing pixel shaders powered by webgl... Colour manipulation is an obvious choice.

  • If only WebGL were to be universally accepted... Yeah it's possible to do color tinting in canvas but i think it's not fast enough for games. Never tested. I think something in the line of WebGL, Molehill or NaCL is the future of games on web. Canvas is just not good enough. Specially in mobile domain. I saw that the % of web mobile games is less than 1%. Or something around that. Don't know if it's true. That's sad.

  • i hope to see this in construct,i really need something like this for my project.

  • i hope to see this in construct,i really need something like this for my project.

    Check webgl effects like tint.

  • CC uses DirectX after all. WebGL would be another solution.

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  • Joannesalfa vee41 Thanks for the reply guys,what would you guys consider being the best way? i know that i would rather change a sprites color rather than adding 20 sprites with different color variations.Is WebGL able to colorize?

  • As vee mentioned, check the "Tint" webGL effect shipped with C2 or even the "Replace color" one.

    Since this (old) thread those effects have been put in.

  • Kyatric Awesome i was wondering if the new features were added,Thanks alot for that reply,Im just pokin my nose in and out of the forums in search for info that has already been explained.I didnt notice this was added thanks again Kyatric

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