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  • I know there are plenty of color shifting effects at my disposal, I was curious if I could get some help making it look right.

    I have a monster sprite, and I wanted to make it look like a different one, by changing the color a bit. I tried most, but the closest I could find that works is the adjust HSL, then randomly changing the H. But this tends to create odd color combinations. Should I just keep playing with the saturation and luminosity?

  • WebGL effect - Replace color.

    You select the RGB tone to replace with another RGB tone.

  • WebGL effect - Replace color.

    You select the RGB tone to replace with another RGB tone.

    This only works if you know the exact RGB values inside the sprite, right? Lets say a sprite has antialias, blur, etc. There could be 200+ colors on something simple for every shade, I still think HSL is the only way. I was just looking for any tips, tricks or approach.

    But yes. I could use that easily if I had draw the sprites to exact colors and planned for it in advance, but I didn't :(

    Lets say I had a penguin. I could easily make it look different if I just switched out the black portion. But on my sprites, I have purples, greens, reds, pinks, etc. There is no way to account for the colors unfortunately.

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  • I'm using the Tint effect. My original sprite is uncolored, (white and grey), when I use the tint effect it takes the color without changing the sprite. The grey part are darker than the white part so you keep the "form" of the sprite.

    If you don't want to color all the sprite it should work with black parts.

    Am I clear ? :-D

    If not, provide the sprite or something similar and I ll try to make an example.

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