Change Color of the Menu??

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  • Alright well I am new to Construct and I was completing the tutorial when i noticed that my application is in black and white unlike the tutorial...

    So i would like to know how i would be able to change it to the original colors?

    I am not able to post a photo to show what i am talking about...

    Here is an example: There is a Layers Bar and in this Bar there are the +, eye, lock, etc.

    In the tutorial the + is green and the lock is golden

    However, in my screen they are all a grey color. I would like to know how to make this colorized. Thank You!

    <img src="file:///C:/Users/Henry/Desktop/Construct%20Black%20and%20White.jpg" border="0" />

  • i think thats a problem with you graphic card, have you updated you driver for graphic card?

    ps: just checked my icons on layer bar are also black/gray, maybe its an old tutorial, icons have changed..

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  • Yes that is true. I guess ill just have to adapt. The colored icons look better in my opinion.

    Thank you for your assistance!

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