How do i change the collision of a SpriterPro character map?

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  • Hi,

    I am currently using a combination of Construct 2 and Spriter Pro for my game and some of the sprites im using are only importet as character maps when i drag them into my project.

    I saw that Construct is asigning it a generated collision plygon but is there a way to do that manually?

    every kind of help is appreciated

    Thanks in advance

  • you can change the collision polygon here in the image editor.

  • Yeah in the editor,

    but when a Spriter Pro file is dragged into a project only the sprites that are going to be replaced by the character maps are aviable for the editor. The character maps doesnt even show up.....

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  • Oh I never used that but if this is not possible to change the collision polygon you can try to make a kind of mask.

  • Yeah, but you can modify the collision map for each of the sprites, when sprites are swapped, the maps you set up should be retained and allow for better collisions. Or are you referring to work you did in Spriter outside of pure animation (Spriter's own collision system)?

  • All of my animations are made in Spriter Pro and i didnt do anything with its collision system.

    For better understanding of my problem:

    I have a normal car as a base. To add more cars i make character maps in SpriterPro so i can have a truck and a racing car.

    When i drag the file into my project, only the normal car shows up and only those sprites (the normal car is made of multiple sprites) that are going to be replaced (by the truck character map for example) are visible and editable. as far as my knowledge goes at least....

  • can you export the spriter pro as a png image and then import it into you contruct 2 sprite editor and then use that

  • i could do that but the amount of pictures and the memory usage would be pretty high because of the animations.

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