Where i change Certificate code [XDK]

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  • I build apk using XDK

    When i try upload new version of game on google play i receive that message"

    "Upload failed

    Submitted APK file is signed using a different certificate than previous APK files. You must use the same certificate. Your current APK files are signed using a certificate from the electronic fingerprints:

    [SHA1: 14: A4: 38: CF: 42: EF: B7: 88: 9A: A1: 67: FF: FB: 32: E8: 21: 31: 02: 95: 1A]

    . Certificates used to sign the APK file uploaded prints have the following components:

    [SHA1: DD: 72: DF: FD: AD: CD: 66: BA: 60: 4C: 86: 58: DB: AA: FD: 61: 04: D8: 6F: 1D]"

  • Pity no responses. I have the same problem. Did you manage to resolve this?

  • Trent123 i dont know how fix this, this is a serious problem

  • I\ve mailed Intel... hope they can send me the certificate file.

  • Trent123 if it possible please post info here about this

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  • The solution was surprisingly simple.

    I replied to Intel on the email they send me when I build the latest version of my app in their XDK, requesting a copy of my keystore certificate. (Your email to Intel must be send from the address that you registered your XDK with). About 2 days later they responded with a download link for the certificate. Following the steps, I managed to get an exact copy of the certificate issued.

    I used this certificate in VS2015, implemented Flurry ads and successfully managed to Cordova build and update my app in Google Play Store. The size of my app is now reduced from 46MB to 19MB, supported apps increased from about 7000 to 9022, and Google is happy with my certificate.

  • Trent123 can you give me intel email address you use to ask for the keystore certicate


    oh i get the key instantly not 2 days like what i read on this forum anyone want to i'll tell you how

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