How do I change c2runtime.js, data.js and loading-logo.png?

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  • I work on a site that uses multiple Construct 2 files and every time I export a new version for the site I have to manually edit c2runtime.js to deal with where various pieces of information are stored on the server. I'd like to know if it is possible to configure Construct 2 to do any of the following (and if so, how) so that I don't have to keep doing it myself:

    1) I'd like Construct 2 to know where I want it to look for loading-logo.png. Right now, c2runtime.js defaults to looking in the directory where it is uploaded...which is not where this file is stored on the server.

    2) Since multiple Construct 2 files are in use on the server, I can't have each file be named c2runtime.js. Is there a way to have Construct 2 export to a different filename (e.g. building1.js)?

    3) Also for the reason mentioned in #2, I can't have each file be named data.js. Is there a way to have Construct 2 export to a different filename (e.g. building1_data.js)?

    4) Lastly, the renamed c2runtime.js file needs to be told where to look for the renamed data.js file since the renamed data.js file is not in the root directory. Is there a way to have Construct 2, on export, tell the renamed c2runtime.js where to look for the associated renamed data.js?

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  • I don't think there's a way to do this within Construct 2 itself.

  • This is rather strange. Given that what I'm asking for is nothing more complicated than a few configuration settings, it seems surprising that this functionality does not exist. Is it really so hard to implement that Scirra hasn't done so yet? Or is it that nobody ever thought to ask it to be done?

  • It's probably simply not enough of a priority over the hundreds of other things they are trying to implement with just one programmer.

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