Change the C2 icons?

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  • when you load c2, it shows the C2 cog, which is great, but I am being asked to change it to the games icon. Is this possible? I guess I could change it after each export, but this would be difficult.

    Also, the game does not show an icon in the browser. I notice a bunch of C2 icons (4 different sizes) in the root of the exported projects, what are these used for? Perhaps they are not used as they are not in the root of the site, but in a sub dir/virtual dir?

  • Export your game and overwrite the cog logo with one of your own? Make sure it has the same PX dimensions and file name. :-)

  • There is a tutorial in the tutorial section about changing the loader layout.

    Also you can change the settings for loader layout in the project settings.

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  • You can change the loading icon in Files/Icons/loading-logo.png.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Ok, found an easy solution.

    1) double click on Files/icons/loading-logo.png (see post from ramones above).

    2) in the sprite editor, import your own sprite image.

    3) Done!

    Now the preloader displays your logo.


    1)This is nothing to do with the loader layout which I already have customized.

    2) It seems you can use any size of loader icon, doesnt have to be 66px like the original.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Thanks All, exactly what I was looking for.

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