How do I change bullet direction? speed not working ?

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  • Hi guys,

    I have a small problem..I have a tank which turret is rotating ( with arrows that U choose) I set that it spawns with "space" a missile. I set missile ( bullet angle) to Self.angle....but the missiles are flyng in the oposite direction ( but with right angle )...even I set bullet speed positive or negative...there is no change...probably I am making mistakes...can U help me ???

    thanks guys

  • You mean like this

  • Hi thanks...yes similar like problem is that it is not so obvious in my experiments that the bullet goes in the direction or in angle that it should have. Is ther any command that makes it going exactly with the right angle and with the direction of my choice ???

    thanks a lot

  • Yes, there is..

    Would you please explain what the direction of your choice is?

  • I am sorry I do not understand your question. Will please upload your capx so we can understand what do you wish. Thanks

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  • You need to modify the "Angle of motion" of the bullet when its speed is superior to 0.

    If the property "Set angle" of the Bullet behavior is set to yes, you will modify the current angle it's moving towards.

    Be sure to check the manual to see all the properties and actions of the bullet behavior. When encountering/using a plugin or behavior you're not yet familiar with, do the same. Useful read and it let's you know the tool you can use in C2.

  • Hi again, thanks guys for the I have my simple would U proceed in this case to make the rocket going in the cannon direction ??? ( left mouse to shoot!)

    thanks guys

  • Sprite2 set angle of motion to Sprite.angle degrees

    for this youd have to turn the Sprite image about 90 degrees so it's originally pointing right (0 degrees)

  • U need to set direction right when placing sprites. U will see in file

  • thanks U guys...Now I will try

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