How do I change animations in events

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  • Hi all,

    I have a problem with my project.

    Please have a look at the screenshot i joined with this topic.

    The problem is, when I touch a "scissor' or 'rock' playing for buttonleft or buttonRight, there is no problems.

    When i touch a 'paper playing' button, it doesn't work well : 'player' never becomes 'paper'.

    I checked everything, I don't find any mistake...

    All my animations are looping.

    thank you !

  • Sorry for the attachment file, it is too big... but every 'set animation to' ends by (from beginning)

    I checked with debug and all conditions are good, but for paper, even with good conditions, it's not good events...

    Not sure if this is a bug or if I did something bad...

  • I think I know the problem, but it's hard to explain for me. But I'll try.

    When you touch the button, while paper is playing, construct notices the touch and sets the button's animation to rock. Now construct goes on checking for events (upper events before lower events, since it's a script language). Two events later it checks for "Animation "rocks" is playing. Since we set the animation to rocks right before, this event is also triggered and sets player back to "rocks".

    I'm not 100% sure about the solution, but try this: Make A System->Wait 0 event right before changing to another Animation.

  • Ok thank you for answer, I will check this ASAP.

    But why only for paper ? I don't know

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  • Cause the paper touch is handled before all other touches.

  • Thank you man, you solved my problem!

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