How do I change animation direction while Jumping/Falling?

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  • I'm sorry, this is a pretty basic question but it seems I completely forgot how to do it.

    I'm working on a small side project and the character is not symmetric. so basically when he goes left or right animations aren't the same. So I can change the animations no problem.

    Now, the problem is when I change direction mid-air while jumping or falling, the animation stays the same as it was when jumping.

    So I would like if possible to have some suggestion since I just dont seem to be able to find a solution.

    Thanks in advance and again, sorry for such a basic question.

  • Have you tried: player is on floor (inverted)

    "Condition" left key is down > set player not mirrored.

    Do the same for right except > set mirrored.

  • Hey jeffige thanks!

    But on floor it works. Animations are mirrored. The problem happens when Player sprite is Jumping/falling.

    Lets suppose I jumped facing right, if mid-air I change direction to face left direction, animation that was playing is inverted. But what I need is for it to play the actual facing left animation.

    Player sprite is not symmetric so I cant just mirror the animation, I had to add a jump_right and a jump_left animation.

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  • I'm a big noob, I managed to fix it. Thanks

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