How do I change the 9patch image from a sprite in runtime

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  • Due 9patch not allows animations/frames you have to create various objects with various images.

    My idea is use a single Sprite and a 9patch and for example:

    + On start layout:

    Create 20 9patch objects and for each one, set an image from a sprite animation/frame.

    The .json only loads/saves the structure not the image data. I know there is a Base64 Import/Extractor, but wonder if there is other way like using the "Load image from url" that reads web url or data URI.

    Is there any way to just use in a 9patch: "Load image from url" and give the "Name of sprite" in some way? Or maybe there is some sprite helper or extension, or behaviour/plugin that can do this?

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  • Just discovered SpriteExt by rexrainbow to add as behaviour that can return the image from other one so using the Load Image Url action i can set any image to another sprite.

    But 9patch not have "Load Image Url" :S . Maybe some )patch extension too to load image url ?

  • Seems even with the Pode Behaviours of Extract image Base64 and Inject image Base64 is not possible change the 9pach image on runtime? :S

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