How do I Center Screen Without Event

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  • I started making a game about 6 months ago and I had used a video called "Supporting Multiple Screen Resolutions." This video now seems to be gone. This video is different because it allows me to set up the "Guide" as the area that loads when you preview the game. I did not need an event saying "Scroll to (x,y)". Recently my computer did an update and the textures & Animations files were deleted, so I have to rebuild the game (luckily I took a screen shot of the events page). I can actually load the game once I get past all the errors, but none of my graphics have pictures since they are all deleted. They just have place holders with properties. The only part I am struggling with is getting the game to load at the center of the guide.

    Here is how I was set up before. I tried to copy this but it still loads to the upper left of the screen.

    Window Size 640, 360 with Letterbox Scale

    Layout is 1200, 800 with margins the same

    Guide is 640, 360 at position 600, 400

    Beyond this I am not sure what else you would need to help me. I could load the old Capx but it is corrupted and gives you a lot of errors. Thank you for your help.

  • the "guide" sprite probably had the Scroll To behavior, which would make the games automatically center itself.

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  • you are correct! How did I miss this? Thank you for giving that answer. I feel bad for asking now.

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