How do I cause slow motion on touch

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  • Hiya, first time posting here. I am thinking of learning Constuct2 as it was recommended to me by a few fellas I met in a games store. Got a question that pertains to my first game goal. I want to make a game that gives you a ship, and when you hold down on it, time goes into slow motion in the rest of the screen save for the player's character. Is that possible? Like if there are incoming obstacles and bullets, they touch their ship, per se, and everything else slows down allowing them to react.

    Appreciate any info on this and look forward to getting to know you all more.

  • Create a Global Variable SPEED_MULTIPLIER.

    Use that for ALL your movements. Integrate that in all your equations. That way you can just adjust the speed up and down by modifying the variable.

  • Cool. Will buy a copy of Construct in a few days and give it a go. I was hoping it was possible as I have been thinking about a game for months now, just lack the know how. I had no idea where to start learning how to make games when Construct was recommended to me.

    Thanks for the info =)

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  • Meisterblade anything is possible with Construct 2

  • Easiest way is to just set the games time scale like this:

    on touched ship > system - set time scale

    And there you can set it to the slowmotion you want.

    For example 0 = freeze time, 0.5 = 50% speed, 1 = normal speed and 2 = double the speed etc.

    You can also use set object time scale if you only want to slow down specific objects.

  • Cool. I asked because search didn't quite get a scenario that I was after. Another scenario I am after that I don't quite know how to word in search is if Construct can handle telegraphed movements, like drawing a path and having your ship follow said path while in slow motion. The challenge is maneuvering the ship through content by having to learn the timing so you get your ship to follow a path that moves correctly to dodge obstacles that are both static and mobile. Basically have to use the momentum of the ship, and take it into account as your ship moves because there is no coming to a complete stop, so trying to draw a path exactly as it looks on the screen would cause you to take damage or fail.

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