How do I catch the new layout loaded event?

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  • Hello guys,

    I am trying to find a way to catch the layoutloaded kind of an event for the new layouts that I am loading in game for different levels.

    I need to check some global variables on every new layout load.

    How can I do that? I already tried 'on start of layout' system event but got nothing from that.


  • Ok let me make it more clear.

    I need to check a parameter on every layout load. What I have is only for the first load of the game it self but not for the successfull load after ''Go to layout' function called.

    I need to find a way to check the variable on every new level layout load complete to set some objects or remove them depending on the parameter which can be set on the previous layout.

    I am not sure if this is more clear but this is exactly what I need to do


  • Hi cantek would the "On start of layout" event not do what you need?

  • Hi,

    Yea it did not give me what I need as I mentioned in my first post. It is being triggered only once in the game load. Then on the layout changes which are done by Go To Layout function does not enter in that function.



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  • On start of layout should work when you change your layout, it is its use, check no conditions are added to it that would prevent it from working.

  • Ah, yea. I checked my conditions line by line at the end and there was one function taking effect before I try to get the params and it was setting them to default. So yea actually on start of layout works if you do not reset your values earlier Thanks guys.

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