Catch back button on Windows Phone 8

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  • I converted my game into Android, iOS, Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone 8. The problem is that when I submitted it to WP8 Store, it was denied. The document said that when user clicks to the back button, the game should pause rather than exit.

    Just wonder how can I catch this back button event in WP8? On Android, when I click back button, an alert display asking if I what to exit the application or continue.

    Thanks in advance.

  • detno29,

    We are waiting for this functionality to be implemented. We would like to control what happens when a user presses the back button.

    I think this feature is really important in order to provide a consistent user experience.


  • Hi simwhi,

    Thanks for your reply. Well, then I have wait for this function. It is really important, specially when developing app for WP8. According to my understanding, games can not be published on WP market without catching the back button event.


  • I believe thehen has a plugin which handles this for you.

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  • Awesome, I will take a look.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

  • I believe thehen has a plugin which handles this for you.

    Hi BluePhaze,

    I got a look around Windows Phone Plugin of TheHen yesterday. Thankfully, it has the function to catch the event when user clicks to the Back button.

    Currently, when user clicks to the Back button, I set time = 0 (so that the game is paused), and display an alert message asking if they what to continue the game or Quit. In fact, the alert message has 2 buttons: Continue and Exit.

    However, it seems like there is no option to have two buttons on the alert.

    Do you have any suggestion for me in this situation?


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