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  • Hi, this is my first post here. I'm creating an Angry Birds clone (duh, it's a clone of clones in itself, so let's just say catapult game) and run into some interesting problems.

    I need breakable blocks. I have managed to code a viable model where blocks colliding with the projectile, each other or the terrain can break and the halves can be destroyed.

    (For the record: while targets use hit points which can be worn away, blocks must rather have a damage threshold under whick nothing happens and over the threshold they snap.)

    Now, the problems are the fllowing. First, there is a tutorial about momentum damage ( This is needed to deliver damage to targets hit by falling blocks. However, I also need to take angular velocity into account, because when block has landed on its end, the other end crashing down should still deal damage. Now, this produces some weird cases where blocks turning on another one just snap mid-air. Probably because they are registered as colliding with their "hinge" end.

    Also, blocks snap when rolling off another one, again, probably seen by the engine as colliding and having a certain velocity at the same time.

    Any suggestions on how to sort this out? Maybe I should just skip angular collisions?

    Otherwise, I'm having a jolly good time with C2, it was a steal with last week's discount!

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