How do I make caster shadow like attached image

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  • I am trying to make this shadow

    in attached image i have try

    insert ShadowLight and set its opacity 10% i have also try this with adding "alpha clamp" effect but same result

    Added behaviour Shadow caster

    Please help me if their any plugin or any way of getting this result

    I'll be very thankful

    Image URL

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  • FYI, to post dropbox images, you'll need to change the link suffix from "?dl=0" to "?raw=1".

    While I don't exactly know what you are attempting without the picture... ... ing-lights should cover pretty much everything to do with the shadow caster behavior if you study and understand it.

  • No above is not what i need

    because above has some limitations

    it does not showing original colours of objects. Shadow is above objects.

    I want to use single Shadowlight, which gives dark outside glow

  • No seriously that article should cover everything you need to do. Just because the title of the tutorial says multiple shadow lights doesn't mean you need to use them all. The techniques applied to one are still relevant.

    Fade range

    [quote:9cgbch3p]Let's start with one opaque black layer, which gives us complete darkness. Then we add the "mask". This is a white circle with the alpha fading to transparent around the edges.

    Put your object/copy on a layer above to have it show original color.

    [quote:9cgbch3p]Other layers on top cannot have this lighting applied, since by the time they are rendered the background already has the light map applied. It's sort of "baked in" to the image by then, and you can only multiply with the final result, which isn't very useful. Arguably however it is useful that now you can put new content on top without it being affected by lighting, e.g. the HUD.

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