How to make card rotation like a wheel?

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  • Hi, how to make a card effect like the slot machines?i just have the 52 images of the poker card but i don't know how to make this effect.

    then, can you suggest me a site where i can find images better then the simles i have?

    thanks you and sorry for my english!

    bye bye

  • There is a very nice free vector deck of cards at

    There are many different kinds of slot machines. Can you link to a video of what you are looking for?

  • <img src="" border="0" />

    i think previously it vas something like that ...

    but in fact seems not ... more details please

    kittiewan you url link is bad

  • Yes, like this but only with poker cards...

  • kittiewan how can i use the svg file? i can't read the manual, the site don't works

  • In order to open SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files, you'll need a vector graphics editor like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape (Free).

  • I edited the link in kittiewan's post.

    Here it is again :

    You can use inkscape as mentionned above, but you can also use GIMP.

    Download the last .tar.gz version available.

    A soft like 7zip can allow you to extract the files to the hard-drive.

    Open the .svg file in GIMP, export it as .png and import in C2 as a sprite strip.

  • Kyatric thank you so much. thank you.

    now i can change cards like frames...

    i don't know you to make it change like a wheel of a slot machine but if i can't no matter.

    thank you

  • There are several ways.

    One of them could be to display the cards as an animation which animation's speed changes over time.

    Like in this commented capx.

  • Thanks for fixing the link, kyatric.

    Another way would be to simply move the cards down in a straight line. You could arrange all of the cards in three columns and then move each card down over time. When a card reaches a certain point at the bottom, move it back to the top. Randomly choose a stopping time for each column, at which point you stop moving all of the cards in that column and make sure the closest card is fully showing in its slot.

  • C2 Slot machine examples-


    Playing card sprites-


  • kittiewan, yes it was my first idea to do something like that but sure it will be better if using a sprite for each card to improve the wheel effect changing the size of the card/sprite depending on distance between this card and the center pos like this :














    For me the best display (without using 3D plugin) will be provide by a view displaying more than one card on each view "frame" and using X axis because a card is highter than wide so better effect using smaller area.

    view 1 :           


    20% C1 + 60% C2 + 1[0]0% C3 + 60% C4 + 20% C5

    view 2 : if moving <-

    " " + 40% C2 + 80% C3 [+] 80% C4 + 40% C5 + " "

    where "[]" is the centered pos .. "x% Cy" the x% size for the y card

    For better effect the more centered cards are on top, all cards partially overlap each others (except for 80% size).

    so it's not finished i will create another post !!!!

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  • Looking at this result (previous post) it's possible to have only one sprite object with 100% size cards (as for a animation) and just create instances of this object to have different pos and size and with instances overlapping each others but you must change the size and position of each instances and also change the frame each time a instance is lesser then 10% size to make it go to the other side of this animated view ! So you are doing yourself the animation and must managed the speed with code.

    For me this the better way to do that ;-p

    Creating 3 wheels required :

    1 sprite object with all cards + 5 instances if this object for each wheel (15) ... it's "light".

    By moving instances the result is smooth, by changing size depending on distance between instance and centered pos the animation effect better than using a auto animated sprite.

  • chrisbrobs thank you

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