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  • Hello,

    New to the forum and new to Construct. I have looked at the Arcade and the forum but in spite of finding many puzzle games, I don;t seem to be able to find any Construct implementation of classical card games like solitaire.

    Firstly, may I ask whether I am missing something and there are Construct card games out there (apart from memory)? Secondly, if there are no such games/tutorials, is it because Construct's event-driven logic is not appropriate for developping that kind of game?

    THank you for you answers.


  • Hello, welcome to the community.

    It's certainly not because C2's event-driven logic is not appropriate for that kind of game, you can do pretty much anything if you know how. If there are no card games, it's just because no one has made one in the year C2 has been out.

    Maybe there are some examples for Construct Classic? I don't know though, I've never used it.

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  • Thank you.

    If anyone knows of a card game developped in Construct (classic or 2), please let me know.

  • Second element listed in the how do I FAQ is :

    Card game - LINK

    You can also find some infos in the tutorials and in this one for example.

  • So sorry: I did a forum search but didn't see the FAQ entry.

    Thanks a lot.

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