How can i make my caracter have two layers

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  • Estimados he intentado por un buen tiempo llegar a tener este efecto youtube. com / watch?v=6t2YvyLqw3c 8:56 , cuando al personaje lo atacan pega un salto hac?a atr?s, lo que yo busco es que haga eso pero aparte es que le cambie la ropa cuando recibe da?o, he logrado que le cambie la ropa, pero pierde colisi?n con los objetos, s?lidos... , alguien lo ha intentado ? o me pueden ayudar?, les adjunto mi ventana de eventos, y de antemano muchas gracias.

    Estimateds i have tried for a while to reach this effect   youtube. com / watch?v=6t2YvyLqw3c 8:56 when the character receives a hit he leaps back , what I am looking for is that when the character receives a hit he leaps back but his clothes changes also of color or form. I have achieved this but , a problem has appeared the character looses solidness with the sorroundings he goes through the obstacles or anything solid on the platform . Has anyone tried this ??? Or can anyone help me ? I attach my window of events and by before hand thank you.

    fotos.subefotos. com/ b35e69adbbb36566279241a65a46ec7eo.jpg

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  • on event line 22 you set Solid to Disabled, but I don't understand why you would need to do that.

    And you never set it back to Enabled, so that may be the problem...

  • Thankyou , I fixed the problem , what actually happened was that somethings were out of order ;)

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