How do I make a Car race game?

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  • Hello Everyone,

    I want to try to make a car race game like poke position:

    But I can't figure how can I do the effect of the car running toward the screen, how the car is running across the road.

    How can I do that "3D" effect?

    The car running in an Z-Axis.

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello, any comment or idea?


  • mmm I am pretty certain someone is working on getting a Template happening for this...I found it a few months back..

    I would try something new and use a single sprite for the road and have different animations that you call when your car reaches a certain point on the map view...but other than that I don't really know how begin coding that in Construct 2...Someone does..not me...I would experiment with new methods though...You may learn something that develops a whole new genre of gameplay all by glorious accident..I would try synching an animation to the speed and position of your car on a map...for each corner have a different animation....and just call them and see the speed..etc...I dont know ..or a series of overlapping similar colored(grey) road tiles set in faux perspective..that you move sideways in sync and in relation to each other and "PARALLAX" to get the effect you like...other sprites like signage and trees or other cars are zoomed and moved accordingly in relation to your cars animation views...of which you would need several to get a smooth look...other than that I have no idea...I know that they cheated...its an illusion of an illusionary 3D..its all in your head...:P

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