How do i make my car not stop at this spot?

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  • Hello there! I decided to make a racing game. I used path finding to make the opponent move around the map and actually compete with me. And it does the first lap no problem, but on the second one it just decides to stop and do nothing at a pretty random moment (at least in my opinion).

    My commands:

    The place it stops at (PrzeciwnikKierunek7):

    All of the places it "pathfinds":

  • Although im not to familiar with path finding and i dont know why it does that, i have a solution.

    Add more path finding points. I know thats easy to say but it doesn't seem to hard to put in the command.

    Sorry i couldn't solve the original issue

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  • As I recall the Klik n Play example you got the graphics from used an actual user defined path to move around the track.

    The pathfinding behavior in construct is probably not well suited for this. Typically you'd define waypoints you'd want to pass through before telling to to find the path. You'd only do this again when the end of the path was reached.

    An example capx is always better than images, but it probably stops because the pathfinding behavior will slow to a stop when it hits the grid containing the destination location, so it may not collide with those sprites to pathfind again. Setting the cell size smaller could be an idea, but wouldn't be great for performance.

  • Hey, i fixed it by adding more points for it to pathfind. I think the issue was in the browser/something else that couldn't handle the calculations. When i added in more points the issue just dissapeared. Thanks for the responses nontheless!

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