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  • Hi,

    Am studying the car behavior for a 2 user game. Based on the car behavior example, I added a second instance of the car and also cloned the car object, with same results.

    If I use the standard controls it works just fine.

    Then I made this for the second car>

    default controls = false

    create a keyboard event, detecting S and the action is simulate car acceleration. (on key S pressed )

    Nothing happens with the car I intend to use with ASDX keys instead of arrow keys. Then I revert to standard controls and both cars react accordingly.

    Layout 1's event is set to event sheet 1, and active layer is 0.

    Is there any other setting needed?

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  • Have you tried making another layer and placing the second car on that layer?

    post your capx please..

  • Well, is a good opportunity to as where is the "upload" link on the forum, to post the capx or screen captures.

    I solved the problem by changing the event from "key pressed" to "key is down"

  • Upload to dropbox and paste the public link to your capx in bbcode (for more about this, follow the link in my signature and check "Posting tips").

    For images it is about the same with the bbcode IMG ([ img]link_to_image[ /img]).

    There's no hosting of files on this forum directly (except for the arcade).

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