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  • Hi everybody,

    Could someone that is used to make mobile/tablet app create a capx tutorial on how to make a basic full screen layout that renders full screen on different devices and screen size?

    Basically a simple background with a 'game content' zone and some 'fake' menu interface that does display full screen on iPhones, iPads and also different android devices.

    I already read the tutorial about it, wrote and read some forum posts about it but haven't been able to be successful yet.

    There are other people in my case and such a capx would be usefull for a lot of people I think, especially that such behavior/display is a must if you want to create a mobile/tablet app.

    Thx a lot

  • I think the biggest problem in answering this question is that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this.

    A lot of it depends on what kind of game you are making, if you want to support both portrait and landscape orientation, if parts of your layout can be clipped or not, if you want to use a background for areas outside the game-area or not, what kind of HUD you are using, if you are using scroll to, etcetera.

  • I am still working on my first project to learn Construct2

    It's a simple puzzle game for kids.

    So it has some interface menu icon, a simple background and some piece to drag and drop

    Here is a demo :

  • Ah yes.. I remember it from a previous topic.

    It works fine on landscape, but this is the kind of game you'd like to be able to play on both landscape and portrait, which is completely possible, by changing it's aspect ratio to square and adding anchor behaviour to the elements other than the puzzle area.

    If you'd like I'll change your capx with comments on what I did, to make it work. You can sent the link through private message.

  • Great I'd really appreciate your help.

    When I export it on iPhone or iPad it's not full screen, same for some android devices I tested on.

    I am on my cell phone right now, I'll send you my latest capx asap.

    Thx a lot

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  • No problem!

  • I'm working on it, but I will give you a small tip.

    A very quick fix would be to set scale to scale outer and make your background a lot bigger. set unbounded scrolling to yes and set system scroll to x : 960

  • Thx a lot I really appreciate your help !!!

    I'll dig in the example you sent me and migth create a small capx tuto myself to share with people that might need such help.

    Thx again

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