How do I get the Capx for the "particles demo" here ?

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  • Hi... I saw the particles demo presented on the main page, here:

    I was just curious if there is a Capx file for this game.. I'd love to see how it was done.. but didn't see it in the tutorials section.

    Thanks in advance.

  • There's a few Capx files in the examples if one of those if what you're looking for. Don't know if there's any for that one in particular.

  • Although I cannot find a capx. The asteroids most likely had a bullet or physics behavior for a set angle on where to fall. The camera sometimes follows the asteroids which is probably a scroll to behavior for some of the asteroids. When the asteroids came on collision with the water or land, the asteroids were destroyed and a particle object spawned in place of the asteroid. The water moves most likely because of a sine behavior when on collision with an asteroid.

    The asteroid's smoke is also a particles object that have probably been pinned to a image point on the asteroid.

    This is all based on my use with Construct 2 and how I'd go about making a replication.

  • bumping this thread.. i am also interested with the capx from particlesdemo2 from the main page.. anyone got it?

  • From what I read, the creator has not released the capx, for he found the events were just too messy..

    The examples shipped with C2 in the new project dialog will show how to create most of the effects though..

    About the water the creator said this:

    " the water is done by using the warp effect in a tiled background. I used a spring equation controlling the amplitude of the wave and change it whenever something hits the water."

  • puzzele for the water you can also use a bunch of little sprites, that are having gravity behavior, and the layer they are on has the alpha threshold effect ( which makes things come together as water, or liquid bobbles) for the rock i guess any random sprite add bullet behavior and when created set random movement speed 200,340 and gravity on bullet behavior or u can make all using physics behavior

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  • It looks really nice. Too bad the original capx isn't available.

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