[capx] Help fix my player name input and high scores mess

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  • I'm trying to add a text box so the player can enter their name if they have 1 of the top 10 high scores. I got the text box to show and to allow the player to type their name, restricting to only 9 characters. I also got a top 10 high scores to display...sort of.

    Because a few tutorials, posts and capx's have different things i need, i've tried to pick and choose certain elements from each one. Bad idea! The main tutorial, post and capx's i've been trying to learn from are these:

    Asteroid clone in less than 100 events by Kyatric

    and the

    version 0.41.capx by korbaach

    Kyatric's has the elements (name, score, wave) already in place. Tried to edit that with no luck. It only shows 8 of the 10 and then those 8 are all the same.

    The capx from korbaach seemed pretty easy to follow, except he uses buttons for the name input and only 3 letters. Also, he has something called "zeropad" which i've tried leaving out and ended up not showing anything.

    That's my main confusion. Along with when and how to 'get' and 'save' the array and player name. Right now i think i have to delete all of the logic that i added to try and get these things to work, 'cause i'm confusing myself even more.

    If anyone can help me out and school me on these confusing elements, it would be much appreciated.

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  • yeah, i know.... forgot to include my capx

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