Capture keyboard key or scan code

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  • I have been trying to capture a player-pressed key from the keyboard, for the purpose of allowing the player to select their desired key-mappings in a game. I tried searching the forums, but only found references in the CC sections.

    I imagine something working with the Keyboard plug-in, using the OnAnyKeyPressed condition, then setting a variable (global, local, or instance) to either the ASCII code or the keyboard scan code. I would imagine the scan code would be more useful, so that non-alpha keys could be mapped.

    Something like: On Keyboard.OnAnyKeypressed --> varKeyPressed = Keyboard.KeyPressed.

    Unless I am missing something, this functionality doesn't exist. I was wondering if this was intentional due to some technical reason, or if it just hasn't been addressed yet.

    Has anyone figured out a work-around, or created a plug-in for this?


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