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  • As using Canvas plugin for lighting is too performance heavy, I'm trying to find a way of using it to render out the shadows, so then I can use Snapshot Canvas to take the shadows out.

    (I then will reimport them as a single sprite with a multiply blending option to give me shadows.)

    The problem I am facing, is that my layout size is rather large, and my window size is far too small.

    (scaling layout is not an option because I need the raw shadow data)

    So snapshot canvas is taking tiny images of the size of my window size.

    Is there a way I can make snapshot canvas, take the whole layout as a single image? Even without the window showing the whole scene?

    I know I could take tiny snapshots and stitch them together, but that process is imprecise, and time consuming, bearing in mind I intend to do this with all 40+ levels.

    Cheers in advance

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