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  • So I'm trying to take a snapshot of part of the canvas, and then download it. I actually want it to download to the gallery on the phone/ipad when you use it as an app later, but I can't even get the snapshot to look right, so first I need help to solve this weird thing.

    I have used this code:

    But the image that downloads always get the dimensions 1920x911px no matter what I do! So strange. I don't have any other code that tells the canvas to change it's size or anything, so I don't understand why it does that. I can't upload the capx here because it's a big project and kind of secret. And when I made a new project and try this with dummy images, it works!

    Just thought that maybe someone has an idea on why it does this strange thing?


  • Forgot to say that the actual size of the object "snapshotarea" is 1140x1440px

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  • Ok, I changed the scaling from Scale inner to letterbox scale, and then it works.. But as I understand it, it's scale inner I should use so that it works will all different screen sizes later when I export it? Hm..

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