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  • How do I get the exported game to show up as a percentage of the window width instead of defaulting to "full?"

    I want my canvas to be 53% of the width of the window, and to resize vertically, keeping the correct aspect ratio.

    I tried changing the code in the html file, but it doesn't want to listen - it just keeps resetting to full size.

    		jQuery(window).resize(function() {
    			var theCanvas = document.getElementById("c2canvas");
    			var theWidth = window.innerWidth * .53;
    			var theHeight = theWidth * 224/256;
    			cr_sizeCanvas(theWidth, theHeight);
    			theCanvas.setAttribute('width', theWidth);
    			theCanvas.setAttribute('height', theHeight);
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  • Try using the Sytem object set WindowWidth width/2.

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