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  • Is there any kind of canvas / screen plug-in for Construct 2 which will allow me to just 'draw' text onto the screen, rather than create a text object and place that object on the screen? The reason I ask is that I'm trying to write a very text-heavy game, with hundreds, if not thousands of text items (not single large paragraphs but loads of little words/numbers/ratings). Doing this the traditional way, with hundreds of text objects causes performance issues, presumably because every text object is acting as an object, along with all the performance overheads. I'd like something where I can just clear and draw, like the screens of old.

  • You could turn webgl off in the project properties.

    With it off the text objects are drawn directly to the game.

    With it on the text is drawn to a hidden canvas and that is then copied to a webgl texture, which can then be drawn on screen. Of course the copying is only done when the text changes.

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  • Thanks, I'll look into this.

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