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  • I've already posted about this same game today, but I have another question so it cannot be helped :)

    Im making a quiz game and its do to with learning words and phonics.

    I have a text box(which stays static throughout)

    I have a sound button (The interactivity will be added later)

    And I also have 3 answer box's.

    I need, for example:

    box 1 = To show image/text, on click, set text to "Correct" + wait 3 seconds + add 1 to Global variable (which is called "correct" in this case, THEN SHOW NEXT QUESTION+ANSWERS)

    box 2 = Show image text, on click, set text "That's not right, try again!"

    box 2 = Show image text, on click, set text "That's not right, try again!"

    My array of questions is set out so each answer box is displayed, with their own specific questions and answers. - when the wrong answer is selected, nothing happens but a change of button text. And when the correct answer is clicked, it should change the variable for correct by adding one, thus loading the second load of questions stored in the next +1 variable?

    But that's not what happens, my buttons have a delay on altering the information, and i cannot for the life of me get it to display the next bunch of questions all at the same time. I just cant get it to work,(although i did manage it, for a few tests at least, then somehow messed it up and couldn't fix it :( !!!)

    So, if you can help me from this rambling that ive produced, great!

    If not, I've uploaded the folder to my dropbox, here's the link:

    Many thanks!!

  • zzztest

    The main problem is you are constantly setting the answers, because on a wrong answer, Correct and score still = 0.

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  • Hey Hornet!

    Thanks for your reply, really appreciated!

    So I tried out what you said:

    I removed the Set Score to 0.

    and removed the set correct to 0 on the wrong answers.

    But, when I run it now, it wont go to the next scene and the buttons still have a delay?

    Sorry if I seem stupid, but as I said I'm struggling lol

    -Update here just incase:


  • ZZZtest2.capx

    Try this. Just fill in the array with your answers and you're done.

  • Thanks!

    I've added some images to the first 10 questions on my own, but yours is much tidier! :D I'l come back if im having any more probs, Thanks again dude!

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