I can't open my project because a message pops up saying "Error document empty"

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  • I was editing a layout and my computer crashed. When it restarted i tried to open up my project to continue working on it and a message came up telling me that the document was empty. It said to check the file in a text editor so i opened it in notepad and nothing looked wrong. I didn't change any of the folders or the .xml files. This has happened to me once before and last time i was able to open it with the back up save but this time when it is in a .capx format the message tells me it is unable to open it for unzipping. But if i save it as a .caproj then the same message saying it is empty comes up.

    I have found a few similar posts on the forums but they either go unanswered or say to restart your computer. I tried restarting the computer and the same issue came up.

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  • Without seeing the .capx it is impossible to say what is wrong, but I expect it is corrupt and beyond retrieval.

    Hopefully you will have autosave and autobackup setup. This will allow you to open an earlier save by just renaming the suffix to .capx. These files are usually found in the same location as the original project.

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