i cant find the problem

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  • my monsters have the 8 direction behavior, and my player has the path finding behavior

    when my player is on this map where the monsters are, and i start moving around the monsters move around with me too.

    Long time ago i had this same problem and that is because my player had 8 direction movement and monsters had it too. So i just removed the 8 direction on the player and it worked.

    But now its doing the same problem but my player doesn't have 8 direction behavior, it only has the pathfinding behavior, and the monsters has the 8 direction movement.

    I cant find out what the problem is..I search everywhere lol

  • Check that you disabled "Default controls" for monsters.

  • They are Disable

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  • Do you press keys on keyboard to move the player? And enemies move at the same time? Then either you have some mistake in the events, or you enabled default controls for enemies. Hard to guess without seeing your project file.

  • I use the mouse to move the player. my player has pathfinding behavior

    and the monsters use the 8 direction behavior..

    it just weird that when i move player the monsters move same time.

    I tested this on a clean new event sheet, it still does same problem.

  • I don't know how this can be possible, you need to post your project file.

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