What should you do if you can't make animations start timers

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  • One useful way to make timers start when they should is to make them start when animation something is playing. The problem is that if ia make a event like that the timers never start. It used to work but not anymore. What can the problem be? Timers work in other instances but they don't start by animations.

  • So you are starting the timer every tick the animation is playing?

  • So you are starting the timer every tick the animation is playing?

    Yes i do and they don't start.

  • I think they do start..

    If you made an action for them to start and your conditions are correct, they should..

    But like I said, the timer starts "every tick" the animation is playing, so as long as the animation is playing the timer is restarted every tick, which will in effect only really start the timer the last tick the animation is playing..

    If you could share your events, this could be easily checked..

    The solution might be as simple as adding a trigger once condition to the event starting the timer..

  • Do you mean like starting the timer one one frame of the animation? In that case it does not work. If the timers start why do they don't create the effect they should trigger? They don't do that and that,s the problem. I have debugged the sprites and their animations is playing true so no problem there.

  • If you could share your events, this could be easily checked..

  • I made a seperate layout and event sheet to solve this.


    Here is the event sheet. The goal is to make Sprite 950 disappear by animations. The animations should start timers that would make Sprite950 disappear after a while. As it is now Sprite 950 never disappears. The event sheet only contains the events shown here so it can't be other events that make it not work. What is it whit these event i need to change to make it work?

  • Are your animations looping? If so then it keeps resetting the timer. Try just starting the timer when you start the animation instead.

  • No the animations Loop is set to No. The thing is that one other problem i have is that all sprites animations loop even if i set the animations to No. It happens whit every sprite. I didn't used to be like that but now it is. This could be a problem in my other event sheets. Sprite 950 may not have this problem. Starting the timer just when the animation start is what i already do. There´s no option for on start on animation. I have made it so the timer starts on frame 1 of the animations and that is the closest to making the animations start on the start of the animations i know. So another solution is needed.

  • Is there really no one that can give a good answer to this question. If there isn't i will share my construct 2 file but i will only do that if i have to. I mean i showed the event sheet, all the event of the event sheet that was related to that layout. It can't be any problem whit the events. The animations Loop is set to No and the timers should only start on frame 1 of 6 frames. It is very likely that i need to change the existing events. What can the problem be otherwise? If no one still can't give a good answer i will share my construct 2 file but only if i have to.

  • You should be able to make a small sample of the problem, without sharing your full file.

  • I can't find another way to make the events i shared as i image. To me they look like they should work perfectly fine. But they don't and that means i need to change something and that,s what i need help whit. Like i said i have the problem that sprites animations tend to loop even if i set them to No and that is also something i want help whit.

  • I made a quick .capx with those exact events and it works no problem: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/395 ... _proj.capx

    Your problem is probably in some other event, and if we don't know what other events are there there's little we can do to help

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  • Okay the seperate layout works now. So there must be a problem in one of my event sheets. The fact that sprites animations tend to loop even if Loop is set to No could be entire problem. So since i have no other choice here is the construct 2 file.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/hktu37cy3ikei ... .capx?dl=0

    You don't have to comment on the fact that the file takes up alot of memory and the fact that i have alot of events in one event sheet or that i have alot of sprites. You shouldn't deeper into the project then necissary. Just make it so you can make a sprite that in a layout that is powered by Event Sheet 4 able to start timers based on their animations. Make a new sprite and make it possible whit it. Don't use a already existing sprite.

  • Okay so the problem is solved. I intended to share my capx but i changed my mind since i didn,t need to. The reason why i thought that animations couldn't start timers was mainly becuase of one sprite that it never worked on no matter what. So i assumed that it wouldn't work whit other sprites becuase of that but after some testing it turns out that it works for other sprites.

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