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  • Hello to Everybody!

    I just created my first own game for Google Play Store using Construct.

    I tried many ways to sign my app for upload it in Google Play Store,but without success.

    That's the ways I followed:

    I exported my app with Construct using Cordova Feature. It produced a folder with .XDK and other files related to my project.Then I used HTML5BUILDER to produce my final .APK format. After that, I tried many ways to sign it:

    1) Followed the Google Play Tutorial for sign it by Android Studio. So it created my .JDK file which contains my keystore. Then tried apksigner to transform my unsigned apk to a signed apk:

    apksigner sign --ks keystore.jks app-name.apk

    For some reason, it seems that apksigner won't works, infact if I type just "apksigner" don't show me the Help section,but just go to a new line without any message.

    2) I tried also using another method: jarsigner -verbose -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore WITCH_KEYSTORE.keystore WITCH_APK_ZIP.apk key0witch.

    This time, It produced a Java Exception error: malformed ...

    3) Tried with tool Advanced ApkTool that contains the option Sign Files, after put the app in In Folder and JDK in the other folder (Followed the tutorial), the result is that my .APK files was destroyed (from 35MB to 0 KB)

    4) Tried also with this Tool: Tickle my Android, but it require to install Frameworks (??) to sign the app.(I didn't find a Tutorial for this free tool) So I abandoned the idea.

    5) By searching online, I found that probably using Intel XDK is the best way to do that (Also seen a Topic about it here in this Forum). Starting with .XDK format fresh by Construct export and this program produce Keystore and sign it automatically. ("Wow!Amazing!" I thought)

    Now,folks, try to not laugh: I downloaded the program and clicked on Sign Up option many times, and everytime it get stuck on Loading and after a while appear this message: "Attempt to contact authentication server is taking a long time.You can wait,or check your network connection and try again." Waited more than one hour.

    So, I tried to search my problem in Internet and found just 2 topics about it, old more than 5 years ago (Just me have this problem on the face of the Earth?) and the answers wasn't helpful.

    Now after more than one month fight with this problem I'm really desperate and demoralized..I can't believe I realized my app and there's no way to sign it and upload it on Google play Store.I know, I'm really Newbie at that, is my first game and my first attempt,but I didn't think it was so complex to upload an app on Google Play Store,or better, find a simple way to do that without encounter such many problems!

    Please, there's someone with a candid soul who can help me solve my problem so that I can sign and upload my first Game? Then, if after attemps that I hope you will propose in your replies I can't do that by myself,i can also be willing to pay someone to solve my problem with direct assistance by using Teamviewer,or similar.

    Thanks a lot for your Help,guys!! ;D

    PS: I didn't understood either: Why create a separate Keystore by using external programs, if in Google Play there's the section where you can download your Certificate? (Upload Certificate and Key Certificate..Don't know yet the difference,sincerely). There's a way to use directly this files downloaded by my Google Play Store?

  • Construct 3 itself has capability to build the APK and sign it, you should select the option signed release APK instead of cordova project when you export.

  • The Intel XDK was retired years ago, and has never been supported in Construct 3. Are you actually using Construct 2 instead? This is the C3 forum.

  • The Intel XDK was retired years ago, and has never been supported in Construct 3. Are you actually using Construct 2 instead? This is the C3 forum.

    Thank you both for the answers,guys!

    So yes, problem founded. I still use Construct 2, don't upgraded to the version 3...That's why I don't have the feature to esxport directly a signed apk.

    And sorry, I thought this was the official Forum regarding all the versions of Construct,so also Construct 2.

    Anyway, there is no way to sign my app with Construct 2? I must buy the upgrade to the version 3 to sign my app?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Moved to C2 forum.

  • Nobody can help?

  • My advice would be to get Construct 3. You won't be able to buy Construct 2 soon and it's kind of like going back in time to solve a problem that doesn't exist in Construct 3. I understand Construct 2 needs some support but better to upgrade and it's a lot easier.

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  • Pier8

    Do you have discord or skype? I can help you with building and signing, but the Cordova CLI method. That is what I use to compile my android games

  • Hi, thank for you reply,

    Yes I have Skype, we can use to connect with.

    My username is "pidiotto",just search for it.

    However you can find me from 18:30(+1 (GMT) London Rome etc..)

    to 22:00(+1 (GMT) London Rome etc..)

    We can organize a meeting.just define a day.Thank you for your support,let me know.


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