Cannot use OR block.

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  • Sorry all. Should have posted this here rather than in the general forum.

    Anyone got the answer to this problem?

    I'd be grateful, it's one that's made me uninstall and re-install Construct 2 a billion times:

    The OR block.

    Its supposed to be a right click on the margin. I can see this and I can toggle the tick next to "Make 'OR' block" but nothing else happens. The "OR" text does not appear.

    I simply want the cow to move right if either the down or right arrows are pressed, or left if the left or up arrows are pressed.

    Here's an example capx:

    Thank you,all.

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  • 1. Right click on "Keyboard Right arrow is down".

    2. Select "add"

    3. Select "add another condition (C)"

    4. Add another keyboard event for pressing "Down".

    So now the event is made so that if both down and right is being pressed, the cow will move to the right. You could also have gotten to this point by clicking and dragging the "Keyboard Down arrow is down" that you had already made and merging it with the "Keyboard Right arrow is down".

    5. Right click on the new conjoined event you just made and click the "Make 'Or' Block"

    6. Thank me.

    Also, you don't need two separate animations to make a object look like it's moving left or right. Use the "Mirrored" property to flip it around.

  • Thanks a million. It was the "conjoined" bit that I wasn't doing. I was adding separate events

    And another thanks for the animation advice!

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