How do I make C&C style troop movements?

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  • Heya

    Trying to make a little RTS and I want the troops to be able to move freely through each other, but only have one standing in each tile once they get to their location. Best example of this I could think of are the troops from the original Command & Conquer, where they could walk freely through a group of standing soldiers, but there could only ever be a limit to how many occupy one tile (in that game 5).

    Tried looking around the web for best practise with no luck. Even the RTS template on C2 doesn't address this issue as the tanks can occupy each other's space.

    So basically, I want troops to be able to walk past each other (so no blocking in terms of pathfinding) but I don't want them to be able to stand in the same tile once they come to rest.


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  • I made an attempt.... but failed.

    I'm not quite sure why, maybe someone else can fix/finish this.

    It kinda does work if you have each event separate rather than in a loop (activate the group, disable the loop). Must be some sort of picking/repicking issue but the answer evades me at the moment. ... .capx?dl=0

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