How do I make the camera work on Android and IOS?

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  • Hello everybody, I'm with a big problem... I want to do an application where I can use the front camera from the Mobile Devices...

    So, first I tried to use the native user media from construct 2... when I tested in my computer it worked perfectly but it didn't work on the phones... After research a little bit I found a plugin made by

    Ok, then I installed the plugin and I tried to do a test... however when I generate my PhoneGap Application I have this return:

    Error - Plugin (or a specific branch or tag) cannot be cloned from the repository: ... 9ba1bde6e7

    So, I don't know what else I can do, this forum is my last chance to get this working, if not I sadly will need to create my application using Adobe Air that I really don't want.

    Thank you guys!

  • Ok now I got the fallowing plugins:



    Has someone used it before? how I use it?

    Thank you.

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  • The problem was solved finally

    Thank you everyone.

  • RyoHazuki how did you solve the problem? I need to take snapshots from mobile device back camera regularly (4 times per second) like I would do with the User Media plugin action "Snapshot". However, User Media cannot access mobile device camera from a native application (cordova). Cranberrygame cordova plugins can access mobile device camera, but show the standard photo capture prompting the user to take the photo manually. I need to take photos automatically without user input (except maybe the permission to acccess the camera the first time the app is used. How can I do this? Do you know any plugin which does the same as User Media "snapshot" action does?

  • The problem was solved finally

    Thank you everyone.

    how did you solve the problem?

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