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  • Hi all,

    I am sure that this has come up before, but I may be overlooking it. I have also been reading on various subjects that may cover this as well but my not be grasping it. I have been working with the webcam.capx example and have come across a couple of issues that I am trying to resolve. I have tried to use this example and modify it for my personal usage without this working correctly and then have used just the regular capx and it still does the same. The two issues I am having with this when trying to run it either originally or with my modified version are the following.

    1) When loading the page it is giving an infinite number of "Cam 0" with no items listed, and or peoples cams that have joined in the camera source list.

    2) So the second part of this is also mentioned in #1. The camera source list is not showing any or any other cams or people after joining, basically not updating on join, still only showing the same infinite number of "Cam 0"

    I can join the page it is set on and so can anyone else but the same thing shows, and upon pushing "Ask" for ask to view it does work, but only for your own cam and not giving a selection of which cam to see.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem as well? How do I go about fixing these issues? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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