camera object with ScrollTo in the middle of your screen?

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  • Hello people,

    I have a question

    Is it possible to put a camera object with ScrollTo in the middle of your screen?

    For example I go back and forth with the mouse, then the camera stays in the middle of the screen, but the screen goes along with the camera object

    I've already tried it with Scale rate 0 and Parralax 0,0

    thanks in advance

  • When you say "back and forth" do you mean zoom in and zoom out? Is that what you're trying to achieve? To zoom in and out while keeping the came centered?

  • Hi Bruno,

    I mean the motion, Just like a Shooter game where the camera stays in the middle of the screen.

  • So you want your character to be always in the center of the screen? Simply add ScrollTo to your character then.

  • Hi dop2000

    No, the charater has a own ScrollTo. Its hard to explain...

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  • FabianB

    If you have two objects with scrollTo, view will be scrolled in between them.

    It's hard to help if you can't explain the problem. Maybe you could share your capx? Or post a link to youtube video with the same camera effect?

  • Hey FabianB,

    I do not know if this is what you are looking for:

    Give the the ScrollTo behavior only to the camera object and use this code:

    + System: Every tick
    -> Camera: Set position to (lerp(Player.X, Mouse.X, 0.3), lerp(Player.Y, Mouse.Y, 0.3))
    The layer must have Parallax 100,100.
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