How do I make my camera keep focus on one object

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  • Greetings again!

    I have attached a picture of the group for the camera (scrollto behavior) when focused on the main Player sprite. I have an action that disables the group and changes the Goocontrol variable to something else and the camera will proceed to move to the appropriate other object. The issue is that the project never seems to want to let the Player sprite out of sight. When I move the new object that the camera is following further and further away from the Player sprite the scrolling will eventually slow to a crawl, leaving the Player sprite just barely out of sight and the object that the camera is now following out of sight.

    When the camera is following the Player sprite it functions fine.

    Thank you.

  • You don't need the Every tick conditions, the global variables will run every tick.

    Can you show the event that change the global variables.

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  • Thanks for the information, the every tick has been removed.

    I am a noob. Another object had the scrollto behavior enabled.

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