Camera jitter problem

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  • So I've searched the forums for a solution to this, and found quite a few, but none of them really worked for me. To make matters worse, I didn't have the problem yesterday, opened my game today and had the problem, with no changes to the game in the interim!

    So my problem exactly is the camera doesn't follow the player smoothly; it jitters every few frames. I'm using a very good camera style I found on the forums somewhere that only moves vertical when the player lands on a new platform. And it was working just fine yesterday. I've noticed if I increased the speed value it gets worse.

    Here's the file (if I uploaded it properly). Thanks for any help!


  • Set the animation speed of the PlayerBox to 0 (double-click the object, click the animation "Default" and change the speed on the properties bar to 0)

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  • That did it perfectly! Thanks so much 7Soul.

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