How do I make camera go in a weird way

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  • Hey guys it's been a while since i last needed your help, so here it goes again :/

    Imagine you have a portrait game where you are falling from the top to the bottom, each time landing on floating solid ground, okay, here's the problem: When you landed successfully on one of the mario styled grounds, how do you set the camera to be able to see the next one? From where my character is the user cannot see the next bar/ground he needs to fall on to next, thus making it a "lucky" guess kind of thing, which is something i definitely don't want!

    any ideas on how to fix this? ( i was thinking of doing something with the camera view maybe? )

    Hope i was clear enough lol

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  • Make the camera scroll to a point below the character? Scrap the scroll-to behaviour on the player and scroll manually using the 'scroll to position' action.

  • Yes thank you very much, i had found this on another page and it does work

    for those wondering

    first disable your character's "scroll to" cause then it wont work

    then set scroll to position ( character.x, character.y )

    you can now add a variable and do this

    Every tick scroll to position ( character.x +-= variable, character.y)

    and have the variable change based on preferences

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